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Kitchen Design Ideas and Photos


In terms of interior design, eclectic, can be thought of the unexpected design fundamentals incorporating fun, rhythmic or even contradictory items in visually consistent ways.  Mixing modern and traditional elements in design can be eclectic as mixing new and old. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and more and more people are turning to a cleaner but soulful kitchens, even if the rest of the home stays very traditional.


Modern  Kitchen

A modern kitchen is a popular choice for its seamless lines and contemporary feel. It offers a clean look with sleek, slab cabinet doors, usually solid surface countertops with square edges, spare or no window treatment, and industrial light fixtures. Wood tones range from very light to very dark, and often the cabinet’s come with solid color laminated or painted doors.  Modern-style kitchens, typically choose professional-grade appliances, restaurant-style faucet, and open shelving that displays cooking utensil and dinnerware

Kitchen Cabinet Designs and Photos


Mediterranean kitchens finest feature is the use of it natural construction materials. Cabinets are often constructed from high-quality woods like walnut; they can be left in their natural state, stained or painted to add a colorful element to the design. Backsplashes may be terracotta or mosaic tile, and provide a great chance to add color, visual interest and even an artistic element to the kitchen design. Bold, teal blues and greens reflect the spectacular colors of the Mediterranean waters and are common


Arts and Crafts / Shaker

Grounded in form and function, Arts & Crafts rely on a natural customized look with a solid emphasis on craftsmanship. Recessed panel doors, mullioned glass doors, stained glass windows and light fixtures are all features of the style. Interesting accents, contrasting finishes and materials along with clean strong lines all enhance the simplicity of the style. Frank Lloyd Wright and Stickly are often associated with the Arts & Crafts.
Shaker is a simple puritan style that burrows from the Arts & Craft movement. Woods and finishes tend to be light in color.

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